Asset Types

The branding assets found in the branding package are divided into the following types:

  • Cascading Style Sheets—These contain Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) code to describe the look and format of the branding elements
  • JavaScript file—This file contains JavaScript code that enables search interaction and Google search implementation for the site
  • Static HTML elements—These elements contain HTML markup code for rendering branding elements on the page

Cascading Style Sheet assets

The branding package includes the following pre-compiled Cascading Style Sheets:

  • brand.css—This CSS file contains styles to format the header and footer elements on the HTML page
  • search.css—This CSS file contains styles to format the search box and results on the search results page of the site

JavaScript assets

The branding package contains only one JavaScript file—search.js. This file contains JavaScript functions to implement search toggle and Google Custom Search implementation for the site.

Static HTML assets

The static HTML elements provide the markup code to render the header and footer assets on the page. The static HTML files available in the branding package are listed below.


The header element contains the HTML markup that renders the trident and the campus name for your site. The branding package includes header elements to support all of the IU campuses. The naming convention followed is the linking of the word header with the campus name.

For example: the Indiana University Bloomington header is the file named “header-iub.html.” The table below describes the list of headers that have been built and are available through the branding package.

Branding header assets
File nameCampusDomain name
header-iusb.htmlIU South
header-iufw.htmlIU Fort


The footer element contains the HTML markup code required to render the footer on your site. The footer element consists of the tagline, copyright information, and privacy link.


The search element contains the HTML markup code that describes a search box. The search box is used to accept user input for search implementation.