Pattern Library

The blocks to build any site, and the code to make it happen

We create responsive websites using three main building blocks. Content chunks make up sections, and sections make up the page.

Our pattern library will show you examples for each type of chunk section, and page, with code snippets to build your own. You also can use our code for various web elements, such as buttons and links, forms, and lists.

A block of content is called a chunk.
A group of chunks makes a section.
Multiple sections make a page.

Apply IU style to any site

You can use our style and code snippets to improve any website in any content management system. Or you can request a copy of the IU Web Framework, a self-service tool that lets developers build a site in the WCMS.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you build your website in the Web Framework, contact our Creative & Web Studio.