Best Practices

Tips to help shape your pages

Restraint is the key to creating strong, cohesive layouts. We’re using examples created using the layouts, content chunks, and background colors available within the official IU framework.

However, the tips below will help you create good layouts regardless of what system you’re using to build your website.

Do indicate new subject matter on the page using different background colors.
Don't separate related content using background colors unnecessarily.
Do use a darker or brighter background color to highlight an important section of information.
Don't use a darker or brighter background color behind large amounts of text.
Do use different sizes of images to help tell your story. This gives you the opportunity to move the reader's eyes down the page.
Don't use too many large photos on the same page. This will overwhelm the reader and slow down the page load.
Do add a button at the end of a section with a call to action.
Don't add too many buttons at the end of a section.