Campaign Template available

The Campaign Template content type is an add-on to the IU Web Framework that gives you the flexibility to create campaign landing pages that allow creativity within the design while maintaining the IU brand's look-and-feel.

It has six chunk types, called components, that you can mix-and-match to create a page specifically targeted to your campaign goal. 

Visit the User Guide to learn how to install the Campaign Template content type and get on your way to designing compelling campaign pages.

Visit the Campaign Template User Guide

Build content-first, mobile-friendly websites that are true to IU

At Indiana University, we create websites based on three building blocks:

  1. Chunks
  2. Sections
  3. Pages

We also follow editorial guidelines and a visual style for the web—colorstypography, and other best practices—to carry the IU voice and brand across all university sites.

On this site, you’ll find code snippets to help you build and style any website, whether you’re working in the official IU Web Framework or starting from scratch.

A block of content is called a chunk.
A group of chunks makes a section.
Multiple sections make a page.

Putting it all together

Pages can be as simple or complex as they need to be. A page that is an overview of a school or program might be formatted with an assortment of content chunks and sections, while a page that is meant to be more basic and functional might have one or two content chunks in a single section.

A simple page

When giving readers straightforward information, less is more.

A complex page

Use multiple sections and chunk types when you want to tell a complex story.

Apply IU style to any site

You can use our style and code snippets to improve any website in any content management system. Or you can request a copy of the IU Web Framework, a self-service tool that lets developers build a site in the WCMS.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you build your website in the Web Framework, contact our Creative & Web Studio.