The branding footer should feature “Celebrating 200 years” in honor of Indiana University’s Bicentennial celebration.

If your site does not use the IU Web Framework, update your footer’s markup to use the latest footer markup. Then, update your CSS to include the latest footer CSS. The styles required in this case are all of the selectors which include #footer .tagline (such as #footer .tagline.bicentennial), and they can be found within this CSS file. Please note that the second set of styles with these selectors are within a media query.

Updating the privacy link in the footer

The footer branding element also includes a link to the privacy policy for your site. The link defaults to an index page of the root-level ‘privacy’ folder of the site; virtualhostname/privacy/. This link can be modified by using the following javascript code:

var newPrivacyURL = '';
(oldPrivacyURL = document.getElementById('privacy-policy-link')) ? (oldPrivacyURL.href = newPrivacyURL) : '';