´╗┐For sites residing in the IU Linux web hosting environment (Webserve), the branding assets can be symbolically linked to the 'gwassets' folder and implemented using the following steps.

  1. Create a symbolic link to the branding assets folder that is under the account 'gwassets' by running the following command:

    ln -s /ip/gwassets/wwws gwassets

  2. Use a PHP include script or server side include script to include the HTML markup elements that are inside the gwassets folder.
    • To use the PHP include method:

      <?php include "gwassets/brand/3.2.x/header-iu.html";>

      In order to avoid using the dot patterns to match the filenames created in the include path, the following lines should be added to the php.ini file.

      <?php include_path=".:/ip/accountname/wwws";?>

    • To use SSI (Server Side Includes):

      The Apache server allows you to place SSI directives that enable including elements on a HTML page. Here is an example of a Server Side Include statement.

      <!--#include virtual="../header-iu.html" -->