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Branding header

The header branding bar features the Block IU in a red bar and goes at the top of every page of your website. Each campus has its own branding bar, but only the name and link change.

These centrally hosted static HTML elements can be accessed by using a specific URL.


The IU search function appears as a small white magnifying glass within the branding header. When users click on it, the Google Custom Search box opens.

The search box assets are also centrally hosted. However, you may need additional configuration to correctly implement the search function on your site.


The branding footer features the IU tagline and goes at the bottom of every page of your website.

If you installed the branding footer featuring the “What matters. Where it matters.” tagline, you need to remove it as soon as possible.

It should be replaced with the version featuring our updated tagline, “Fulfilling the Promise.”

Social media icons and tools

If you currently house social media channels, quick links, or tools in your header or footer, you must find another place for them after installing the new brand assets.

IU Communications has created a solution for sites using a mobile-first framework. We developed a belt area above the footer where these types of links can be housed.

Making alterations to the brand assets

The header, footer, and search brand assets must be implemented as is unless search is a primary function of your site.

If that is the case on your site, you may make limited alterations. No other alterations are allowed.